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Affiliate Programs

The use of affiliate programs can encourage others promote your site and your products. A simple way to get started is to use a network like Commission Junction.

In brief, this is software that allows one web site (the affiliate) to carry links to another (the merchant), and get paid a commission for sales, leads etc. This could work for any site, although it relies on there being relevant potential affiliate sites who can deliver traffic.

We would like to emphasise the benefit here, of considering the use of affiliate programs as part of the core strategy of the online business, from the outset. Two drivers to this:

1) the structure of the shop and the type of shop software is uses, could enable (or prevent) "deep linking" to individual products. The benefit of deep linking is that people can promote individual items in context, and the customer is only one click from buying it on your site. The best examples of this are Amazon or Kitbag.

2) having your own software such as My Affiliate Program or AffiliateWiz, can enable you to run your own program and reinforce the link count direct into your own domain - which improves your site and page performance on the engines.

Whether you run your own program or not, you still face a lot of work to find sites to join it. Even then there are online services that can help. There are a large number of announcement sites that are visited by potential affiliates scouting for lucrative new programs. To save you the hassle, you can now pay an announcement service to place it in all the announcement sites, at Announce Service.


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